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Why a penile prosthesis is made?

The Doctor Fernando Gomez Sancha, Head of Urology Clinic CEMTRO, explained in this videoblog what an penile prosthesis.

Due to different risk factors like arteriosclerosis, diabetes, smoking or age, Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Thanks to the penile prosthesis, implies peneano, “the ability to allow the patient to have a natural erection through voluntary offers a hydraulic device that replaces the normal function of the corpus cavernosum“, after verifying that the patient does not respond to medication or injection therapy, explains Dr..

Another reason so you can suffer ED is after pelvic surgery that have been damaged nerves causing performed erection.

Surgical intervention is a simple procedure that epidural anesthesia is approximately 30 minutes. Requires only patient admission overnight and it should be look forward 6 weeks before activating first, from inflammation.

The penile prosthesis does not change the sensitivity, being exactly the same as it was before and even improving sexual life of both the patient and his partner.

Normally a implante peneano is performed older patients, but often patients between 40 and 45 years old benefit of this prosthesis after cancer surgery.

Also, We have to remember that this type of surgery is not a cosmetic operation, it is a statement of a problem of erectile dysfunction it may even shorten the penis size.

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