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Aortic aneurysm: causes and recommendations

The aorta is one of the main arteries of our body, is the artery that carries blood leaving more heart. When it increases more than twice its normal diameter is when the aorta is dilated, namely, is a aortic aneurysm. Dr. Mercedes War, the Vascular Surgery, Angiology and Endovascular of CEMTRO Clinic, explains in this Videoblog why these aneurysms occur.

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When will go to an orthopedic sports?

When a patient should see a specialist trauma in sport? What are the benefits and what are the differences with the general traumatology? Medical and Clinical orthopedic CEMTRO tell us why it is important that a doctor specializing in sports treating a patient.

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Hyaluronic acid as a method to delay the use of a hip prosthesis

The hyaluronic acid, commonly known for its use in cosmetic surgery, can be used to enhance or delay the use of a hip, or knee also, to a patient with osteoarthritis. Dr. Raul Torres Eguía, Head of the Hip Unit of Clinical CEMTRO, explains the use of this artificial synovial fluid.

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Fifth metatarsal fracture in athletes

After James injury Rodriguez, Real Madrid C. F., the fifth metatarsal and his time in the operating room, Dr. Isabel Guillen and Dr. Ramón Navarro, the Unit team Foot and Ankle Clinic CEMTRO, We explain in this Videoblog what this fracture in athletes.

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Clinical CEMTRO has changed since Monday 26 January its web page with a more modern and innovative design. From now you can see our Medical Equipment and you'll see first hand the specialties and innovative procedures used in clinical CEMTRO.


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