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An orthopedist friend, Mexican, it has been almost a year working with us, left us this gift: A video and text farewell telling which meant for him this year of learning and professional development. Thanks, Diego. You know that this is always your home:


“Since its inception the CEMTRO Clinic has characterized as, not only a place open to learning and professional development, but a true scientist shelter people from all latitudes. My case was no exception, all began the summer of 2011 when I had the opportunity to visit the clinic and exchange ideas with “The Chief” (Dr. Pedro Guillen Garcia), I expressed my intention to make a rotation (fellow) a year in the Clinic; his answer was clear from the start, open concrete: “old, this is your home”.

So was this wonderful adventure began last August 2012, when from the beginning it was noted that I call “Cemtro Syndrome” (mainly characterized, because every new person you meet, but seems amable, attentive, accessible available), curiously as if really an epidemic of hospitality abound in the halls, issue from day one is contagious and makes you feel like the robe itself Cemtro.

As I , many go and have the opportunity to imbibe cutting-edge knowledge, innovative and frontline world with the great team that makes up the clinic, but often the fast pace of work and the overwhelming volume of the same, we lose sight of some details of both academic and professional and personal would like to share (by way of deep appreciation) this very brief, but loving summary “Experience Cemtro”.
Fdo: Diego Perez-Salazar.
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3 Comments on Experience CEMTRO

  1. Maria Angeles says:

    Pleasure Diego was able to share with so many experiences and so many times always with a smile !!

  2. Amaya says:

    Te echamos less!!!!!!! What a kind!!!!!

  3. Javier B says:

    Great professional, mejor persona. No you forget. Mucha suerte.