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Where there is light, no life: the last challenge of our friend, the water skier Ricardo Garcia

Rebeca Ruiz Siguín

Our history with the athlete Ricardo Garcia goes back to the beginnings of Clinical CEMTRO, when the canary came into the hands of Dr. Pedro Guillen after suffering a motorcycle accident and operated on the island of La Palma without success.

We note that jokes with Dr.. Guillen and tells him that his leg was better even than the other, “their hands did something spectacular ... how I was and how the left!”

RICARDO PHOTOS CLINICEveryone likes to see their friends, The problem is that most of the time, Clinic's meeting with colleagues has a health reason, clear, is logical since we are not running friends.

Last year we went back to see one of them, Ricardo, had just arrived from the United States, is, as he tells us, “first thing I did upon landing in Madrid was get on an ambulance bound for Clinical CEMTRO ".

The palm suffered a serious accident in United States, donde fue treated before returning to Spain. Two cracks in the neck, two in the backbone, pneumothorax produced by 7 ribs that left him and pierced his lung, starting pelvis, right leg hip left him and went to the rear, “his leg in the head ", explains. His whole body injuries suffered second and third degree by asphalt. Two games right toes, one left foot, a broken collarbone and a dislocated, about 34 points on the head and lost a full buttock.

He was admitted for a week CEMTRO Clinic and continued his rehabilitation on his land but without losing contact and orientation Guillén. Now she is happy and very happy to be the same guy as always. “I feel lucky to be here, walking, playing sports and ultimately, leading a normal life”.

The recovery has been amazing, as he tells us, “almost 100%”, and yesterday, 7 October 2013, faced his first challenge after U.S. accident: tour 56 skiing nautical miles, from Ibiza (Port San Antonio) to Alicante (Port of Javea).

While acknowledging the feat before felt physically ill and had not slept well for nerves, as the minutes went by and put on the skis was finding much better. He went to the 08:56 in the morning. “An hour and a half feet and my fingers are asleep, were black. But I came down, all I asked my team is that animasen me and to give me bananas to prevent cramps”.

ricardo garcia 2

As we say, deceiving her friends with the time so that I did not think that had much to reach the coast, when he began to see the houses in the distance and felt it was nearing slipped from strength to finish.

And finally achieved his goal to 2 hours 52 minutes, the clock struck 11:48 in the Port of Javea, but his real goal was another, “I wanted this test to help people who have passed something similar or have lived any disease. For where there is light, there is life and we must keep fighting thinking that it can. I never thought I would be in a wheelchair, only existed in my head the thought that had to do sport and recover. May, achieved”.

Ricardo has not lost the will to fight never, either as individual, or as a sportsman. “I encourage people to be marked for life's challenges as a high-level sport, always be overcome”.

The challenge was a success yesterday, and Ricardo continue to fight every morning of every day. Us, CEMTRO Clinic friends, deeds will accompany over waiting to see you soon, but visiting.

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