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Wirelessly arthroscopy

The WAD (Wireless Arthroscopic Device) or wireless arthroscope es un invento del Dr. Guillén y el equipo de ingenieros de INDRA liderado por Juan Ignacio Sanz Peciña. No es una tontada el invento, y apetece hablar de él por esta especie de orgullo patrio que da cuando ves que, a pesar de todo, se siguen haciendo cosas muy relevantes en nuestro país.

El invento en sí no es más que una prolongación del espíritu que impulsó al Dr. Guillen, en los años 70, a introducir la Arthroscopy como ayuda a la cirugía traumatológica. Always has an illustrious orthopedist then told: Pedro, why look through the keyhole if you can open any door. But Peter, acute and visionary, realized it would always be best to solve the problem through the keyhole to break open the door. Nowadays, the vast majority of procedures are attempted articular arthroscopic.

Ten years ago, Pedro Guillen had another vision: The arthroscope was anchored by their servitude to the wires. I needed to be connected: Connected to a generator, a light source, arthroscopy to screen. Perhaps at first the idea of ​​freeing the arthroscope of those conesiones was only to facilitate the work of the surgeon, but then they were the great advantages of this freedom: No wires, Arthroscopy be safer (to avoid possible sources of infection); cheaper (does not depend on arthroscopy towers and generators) and would not need much infrastructure surgical, namely, could be done in under-resourced.

Today, behind the design of successive prototypes that have continually improved, wireless arthroscopy is a reality that has been practiced over a hundred surgeries, and for which only requires a small traveling bag where the arthroscope and instrumentation, and a laptop, where the arthroscope sends the image wifi.

However, the future does not end here. The next goal is to make microartroscopias: diagnostic arthroscopy in consultation with cameras the size of a needle… We will be counting


13-07-23 TVE's Morning 1 – Wirelessly arthroscopy from COM HEALTH on Vimeo.

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