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Course benign prostatic hyperplasia with Green Laser

The Department of Urology Clinic CEMTRO has organized a course that has addressed the new paradigm in the minimally invasive treatment of Benign Prostate Hyperplasiaa. The conclusion was that the use of Green Laser for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia reduces the length of hospital stay just over 24 hours and allows cost savings.

Why a penile prosthesis is made?

The Doctor Fernando Gomez Sancha, Head of Urology Clinic CEMTRO, explained in this videoblog what an penile prosthesis.

Due to different risk factors like arteriosclerosis, diabetes, smoking or age, Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Thanks to the penile prosthesis, implies peneano, “the ability to allow the patient to have a natural erection through voluntary offers a hydraulic device that replaces the normal function of the corpus cavernosum“, after verifying that the patient does not respond to medication or injection therapy, explains Dr..

Another reason so you can suffer ED is after pelvic surgery that have been damaged nerves causing performed erection.

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European Prostate Awareness Day: prostate cancer knows

Today, 15 September, It is celebrated throughout Europe Prostate Awareness Day, a time to remember the importance of protecting the Prostate and regular checkups from the 50 years old, because as stated in the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), es the leading cause of cancer in men.

One 35 men will die of prostate cancer, according to data from Institute of Advanced Urological Surgery (ICUA). In the male population, Prostate cancer is the cause of approximately 9% of cancer-related deaths.

The incidence increases with age and is found in up to 80% of autopsy prostates in men 80, but its clinical signification is less. Thus, how important is your diagnosis when presented at a younger age or tumor is more aggressive or high risk, yes because these tumors could have clinical impact and interference in the patient's life.

The Major risk factors include age, gene, because if there is a first-degree relative with prostate cancer, doubles the risk of suffering for the patient, and African-American race that has twice the risk than white or Asian. Also in fl uence dietary and hormonal factors.

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Prostate enucleation with Green Laser: Advantage

Dr. Fernando Gómez Sancha, Chief of Clinical Urology CEMTRO, explained in this videoblog what are the main advantages of the Prostate with Green Laser Enucleation (technique invented by himself to treat Hyperplasia Benign of prostate) Prostate Photoselective vaporization front with Green Laser:
  • Regarding surgical time: Prostatic enucleation time with wins. The approximate duration of surgery is time, ½ hours.
  • About 1 in 4 Men have a large prostate and Prostatic enucleation is a useful surgical technique for these men. Typically the average size of a prostate is 60 grams, Occasionally there are men with a prostate even 200 grams.
  • Leaves enucleation less waste, implying that the adenoma not grow again and the rate of reoperation is 1 in 100 patients 10 years old.
  • The complication rate is extremely low: there is a risk 1% temporary urinary incontinence.
  • Regarding sexual dysfunction, Thanks to this technique invented by Dr. Gómez Sancha, can preserve a normal erection with which man can maintain normal relations, with orgasms can not ejaculate.

Clinical CEMTRO tie tie ourselves for Prostate Cancer

Day 11 June is celebrated for the second time in Spain World Day for Prostate Cancer, an opportunity to talk with Dr. Richard Gaston and Dr. Stephanie Romero, Member of the Urology Clinic CEMTRO and specialists in laparoscopic surgery for Prostate Cancer.

The Prostate Cancer It is more common in men: is the third most common cause of death in men.

The figure of the woman in prostate cancer is essential because it is they who insist the man to go to the reviews with the urologist, since they are more aware with their gynecological examinations. They are the ones who take the initiative and accompany man to the query.

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