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Professor Pedro Guillen, author of research published in Nature

Professor Pedro Guillen, Clinic head trauma CEMTRO and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UCAM, It has been one of the authors of a research article published in the journal Nature. The international study, that opens the possibility to develop replacement organs, It has been led by the Spanish scientist Juan Carlos Izpisúa-Belmonte, the Salk Institute in La Jolla (California), and in addition to CEMTRO, also involved researchers from Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and the Catholic University of Murcia.

Aortic aneurysm: causes and recommendations

The aorta is one of the main arteries of our body, is the artery that carries blood leaving more heart. When it increases more than twice its normal diameter is when the aorta is dilated, namely, is a aortic aneurysm. Dr. Mercedes War, the Vascular Surgery, Angiology and Endovascular of CEMTRO Clinic, explains in this Videoblog why these aneurysms occur.

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Varicose veins in the legs, How to prevent them?

Dr. Angel Galindo, Chief of Vascular Surgery Clinic CEMTRO, explained in this Videoblog what they are varicose veins and how they can prevent or treat.

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World Day Against Pain, knows which involves pain

Today, viernes 17 October, World Day is celebrated pain. It is inevitable that in our lifetime suffer different types of pain, but we must not suffer. Through this conference is to raise awareness that we have to suffer and pathologies that cause pain can be treated and be cured.

Dr.. Béjar and Dr. MacVeigh, Pain Treatment Service of Clinical CEMTRO, tell us what pain, which cases are more frequent pain… Pain is a major cause of visits to physicians, even being the first cause of absenteeism. It is an entity that we have to give solution and cure.

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Cold Pain with Radiofrequency

The Doctor Ian MacVeigh Escardo, Treatment Service of Dolor, explains what the Cold Radiofrequency technique, first used in CEMTRO Clinic.

Thanks to the radio frequency technique is cold performs a minimally invasive procedure to avoid pain. Traditionally used with radiofrequency thermocoagulation not being as effective.

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