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Inguinal pathology in the sportsman

In “Country Walk Concejero”, Dr. Vicente Concejero speaks to us today about the inguinal pathology in athletes and ensures that approximately 5% problems in sport, not just in soccer, They are related to this pathology inguinal.

Also, pathology is the inguinal ring having more popularity.

The groin problem in athletes (football, home, climbing, handball…) It should be treated as soon as possible conservatively to try to avoid surgery.

The meniscus in medicine

Friday in "A foot field with Concejero", Dr.. Vicente Concejero, Head of Unit of the CEMTRO Knee Clinic, talks about the traditional importance of the meniscus for doctors, reaching caregivers earn the name of the meniscus. The external meniscectomy depends on several factors and is synonymous with early osteoarthritis.

Menisci take care of our health is directly dependent on our knees and be very present in the mind of any athlete.

Knee injuries, more common in women's football

In “Country Walk Concejero”, Dr.. Vicente Concejero, Head of Unit of the CEMTRO Knee Clinic, talks about knee injuries in women soccer practice: injuries Anterior Cruciate Ligament (LCA) They are more common than in men. The configuration of the knee women, known as valgus recurvatum, and his younger muscles make women more prone, in general, to suffer knee injuries.

The herniated disc Rudy Fernandez and major injuries of the day football

Video of the Week “Country Walk Concejero”, Dr. Vicente Concejero sends a message of strength and courage for the basketball player Rudy Fernandez, which it has been operated for the third time of a herniated disc. Rudy and recover from this intervention and from the CEMTRO department will also send our support. Also, Concejero today takes stock of the most outstanding football injuries day of the Premier League, most notably that of Mussachio, and who has returned to play this weekend with the shirt of Villarreal.

Tiago injury: three to four months out

Video of the Week “Country Walk Concejero”, Dr. Vicente talks about Concejero serious lesión that Tiago Mendes, Atletico de Madrid, he suffered last Saturday at the Vicente Calderon. The Portuguese midfielder left the field on a stretcher game. The last medical report states that Tiago has been successfully operated a fracture of the middle third of the right tibia in the third fragment. The prognosis of the injury is to be among 3 and 4 Month Low. El dr. Concejero the player sends a message of support. From Clinic CEMTRO we hope to recover in the best way and as soon as possible, Tiago Courage!