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Exercises for neck pain or “Neck Pain”

La cervicalgia, commonly known as “Neck Pain”, is the term that describes the regional pain caused by a pathology of spine or back. Then we leave a series of four exercises that help relieve the “Neck Pain” and to facilitate the stretching of the major muscle groups of the cervical region.

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Clinical CEMTRO becomes FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

A date 22 October 2014, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) gives us the good news that we have been accredited as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. La entrega de este reconocimiento FIFA se hará el 26 February 2015 and we have to start organizing the ceremony, dince then, all begins… Meetings, organization, guests, jitters…

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Clinical CEMTRO has changed since Monday 26 January its web page with a more modern and innovative design. From now you can see our Medical Equipment and you'll see first hand the specialties and innovative procedures used in clinical CEMTRO.


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The logo CEMTRO Clinic

Upon entering the clinic and see corporate logo Clíncia CEMTRO, many wonder why a logo-shaped “ray” and what sense does the Clinic. That “ray” many have thought that was, actually is a bone fracture.

Since the clinic opened CEMTRO, the main idea of Professor. Pedro Guillen was to translate a classic fracture, but later it was decided to create an image that was more sophisticated. A break with cross section was raised shaped “S” Long from the view shown below italic:

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The trauma of ESSKA congratulate us for your stay training in Clinical CEMTRO

Fellowships ESSKA 2014

The last 6 October we were visited in Clinical Fellowships of the CEMTRO ESSKA (European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy). After a few days in Madrid and have been a month visiting leading clinics in Europe, have chosen to visit the Clinic CEMTRO as the best time in the course of their Fellowship. Proof of this is the letter that surgeons who make up this Fellowship have been forwarded to Dr. Pedro Guillén:

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