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Home Use of heparins

Low molecular weight heparins

The low molecular weight heparins are some medications that are administered by subcutaneous injection and prevent the formation of blood clots by interfering with blood clotting.

They are used mainly in bedridden patients after cardiac surgery, to prevent the occurrence of venous thrombi and pulmonary embolism feared. Anticoagulants are also used as higher dose, in patients with valvular heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias and other diseases that facilitate Thrombosis.

Most low molecular weight heparins are given once or twice daily, and the patient can easily autoinyectársela. Read more…

Cures in surgical wounds


After surgery, is important incisions heal properly.

Depending on the procedure performed, Your doctor may recommend that you make yourself at home cures, or may refer you to your inquiry or nursing to oversee first aid.


  1. Handwashing
  2. Prepare the material you need:
  • Gauzes
  • Saline
  • Antiseptico: povidone iodine (Betadine) the chlorhexidine (Cristalmina)
  • The dressing gauze tape Read more…