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Contest Results

We already have our contest winners for Twitter 2000!!!


According to the contest rules, I was only going to be given a first prize for the most voted paricipante; however, given the high quality of the advice, We have decided to reward three of the responses you sent us.

The winners are:


-Francisco José





Concurso Twitter 2000

Dear participants, dear readers, agradeceros we all share vuestra so keen on the competition “Prevention of sports injuries”. Participants, congratulated on the quality of the recommendations made, I hope you have served out to all sports fans readers. For our part, we have to announce that we have to postpone the announcement of the winner because a computer problem prevents us validate the ratings. We hope to announce the results in the next hours.

For now, Congratulations to the participants. All of them will get them a copy of the book “The chondrocyte, a therapeutic opportunity.” When the voting results are confirmed, announce who the winners of the five copies of the atlas of knee surgery dr. Guillen; and course registration Knee Pathology Clinical CEMTRO.

Thank you for your participation, and apologies for the delay.

Concurso Twitter 2000 Followers

2000 followers on Twiter

Dear Readers, dear friends ...

We have a year to live on Twitter and we are about to reach the 2000 followers. We think it's a great time to celebrate. Have 2000 followers on our twitter account does not mean that we have put a great billboard which have been 2000 personas. It means there 2000 twitter users that take into account our views, listen to our advice, understand our doubts, share our posts. It means that 2000 twitter users estimate our voice, trust and believe. Are 2000 who communicate with us. Y want agradecéroslo, and so we decided to organize this contest.

twiter contest 2000, prevention of sports injuries

We are aware that a lot of our fans are related to the world of physiotherapy, traumatology and sports. We thought just, in this first contest, give special attention. And it has seemed appropriate, Given our concern and experience sports injuries, choose a topic that can benefit all those who practice sport.


"How to prevent sports injuries?”


This is a contest in which each participant can leave your advice and in the community of readers will vote according to their relevance and accuracy. Any tips or trick to avoid sports injuries accommodates, ye they are specific to a particular category or group of people, or general for everyone.

All participants will receive a copy of the book The chondrocyte, a therapeutic opportunity in trauma and orthopedic surgery. The five participants with the most votes will receive, also, a copy of the monograph surgical knee anatomy teachers Jiménez Collado, Guillén García Pérez and Sobrado. Finally, We have decided to reward the winner with an inscription to the XIII International Practical Clinical Course-Knee, to be held in the days CEMTRO Clinic 23, 24 and 25 January.

Everyone who wants to participate has to provide advice, the type you want, that can help prevent sports injuries. The boards will be posted as comments to this post. When you do have to give your name and email, data that remain hidden and only use temporarily to manage the competition. They can put links to videos to illustrate the comment, or attach photos but not exceeding the size condition.

Advice may be sent from the day 16 December to 10 January, and throughout that period may be different voting advice. The 10 January voting will close and the 13 Winners will be announced.

Thank you all for communicate with us. And thank you very much for your advice.


twiter contest 2000, prevention of sports injuries

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