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Is it true what we know about Prostate Cancer?

Last week was the World Day of prostate cancer. After analyzing the news that came out in major newspapers in the morning of that day, we had the feeling that the information provided was not entirely correct. We doubt whether the general population was really aware of what is prostate cancer arose, how you have to prevent it, how you have to treat, etc.


For this reason we developed this survey we would like the maximum number of people completion to. No matter whether they are men or women, young or old. Our interest is, simply, know what is known and what is unknown about this topic.

Please, rellenadla and difundidla.




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A comment Is it true what we know about Prostate Cancer?

  1. Pablo says:

    I very much all the work and advances in information on how to prevent and detect all types of cancer.

    Thank you very much for everything.