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A blog are, primarily, communication space; and communication is the foundation of human relationships. Nowadays, in the treatment of diseases and in the prevention of the same, the physician guides and advises, but imposes; are patients who decide among the options available to them. Doctor and Patient, professionals and users, need to communicate.

In this context, information is the key to enable the user to make decisions regarding their health. We must provide information on medical advances, diagnostic techniques, about treatment options, on prevention. But also, have to provide this information in a leisurely and in clear, to ensure that it is well understood. In this sense, a blog is a great tool and a great challenge.

On the other hand, Bidirectional communication is always. Not only do professionals offer information, it is also to know the needs and concerns of those who have opposite. It's about listening. And it, course, to dialogue, to move forward together on the path of health.

So we started saying that this blog is a forum for communication, because, spread beyond what we do, beyond providing information of interest, comment beyond the latest medical, want to talk with you. So go ahead, we are delighted to participate in this project.

Welcome to your blog.

Resonance 3 Tesla

We have 4 Magnetic Resonance Equipment, three 1.5 and one tesla 3 Tesla. The latter is the most modern equipment, complete and updated that exists in the country and is able to perform any requested study with maximum precision.

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